Tuesday, 19 July 2011

WILTT 19/07/11. + Popdar #23: NEW Ke$ha. Yes, you read that.


I mainly listened to what I downloaded yesterday. It was mainly chart dirge, including the painful rip of Calvin Harris' "Flashback" that is Example's "Stay Awake" (seriously, how can artists get AWAY with producing an unashamed Soundalike in order to make money? "Yeah x3" was bad enough...) and I still can't believe I gave J-Lo's "I'm Into You" a chance. Has there ever been a duller pop song? I liked "On The Floor" though, so you can still shoot me.

Some Kelly Clarkson leaks were mildly diverting, but this evening I found a piece of chart crap that's actually deserving of a few replays and a bit of secret tube headphone blasting (when everyone thinks you're listening to something cool like Bombay Bicycle Club or, oh I dunno... Flying Lotus).


Ke$ha's done her fair share of melancholic pop, look at the teen angst Katy Perry-esque "The Harold Song" or "Hungover", and she's obviously mainly known for her big let's-get-fucked-up-and-be-who-we-are-and-not-what-our-parents-want-maaaan anthems, but it's nice to hear something in between. It delights me to say that the bubbling synths and discopop beats of leaked track "Shots on the Hood of my Car" owe more than a bit to my favourite Swedish pop sensation Robyn.

Although not exactly melancholic, the sing-song melody is more reflective and comforting than bombastic and obnoxious, as are the lyrics, not the drunken scribblings of a drunk teenager, but a young woman reminiscing on the times she's had and the friends she's made along the way. And it's probably the best track she's ever made.

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