Thursday, 7 July 2011

What I listened to today #2.


I felt like listening to something searingly emotional, and although Explosions In The Sky fit the bill quite nicely, I took a chance on fellow post-rockers Do Make Say Think, and their record "& Yet & Yet". Expected to have my heartstrings and tearducts jerked on the tube, instead was disappointed to hear a Mogwai-esque 40 minutes of passably enjoyable guitar music, that left me feeling frustratingly neutral.

I think I need to realise that no instrumental guitar music will ever match the peaks of EITS's "Your Hand in Mine". Sadly not even their own recent effort "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care". If only they came out with something like THIS again. Or if any band could at least attempt something this textured and beautiful. Saying that, the emo-post-rock of This Will Destroy You is something to check out if you too are searching for something in the same vein as "The Earth is Not A Cold Dark Place".

During and post work, The Radio Dept. were the soundtrack to a dreadful day. I've never heard a band manage to sound so euphoric and depressed at the same time.

Track of the day?

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