Wednesday, 13 July 2011


No what-I-listened-to-today this evening, as all I've been listening to today* has been the full-length album I have been working on, showcasing a more personal side to my songwriting, and a more experimental side.

And today, I finished it.

I cannot describe it as just one genre, but you might hear the influence of dubstep, chillwave and dark electronica in more than a few places, and the mood is considerably less chirpy than the carefree pop of the Sun, Purgatory and Got Through EPs. But I guarantee, that despite all of this, the tunes are bigger than ever before.

This release means a lot to me. It's a release I'm going to take more seriously than previous ones. I'm damned if I don't promote this properly, and I don't mean just on the internet. I want to gig. It might take a while, but if over time I build up a live act and get something, then whoever reads my blog will be the first to know.

But as for the album, I will be releasing it online, via bandcamp as always, on...
Mark your diaries.

There will be one or two tracks posted in the 7 weeks before "The Copplestone Experiment" is available to download in full (for free). They will be able to download on their own if you like, via my soundcloud profile. Obviously I'll let you know when they are up, you'll have to just make do with this preview until then ;)

As I said, I'll keep you posted every step of the way, but this is an exciting release for me. And I hope you all download and enjoy it. It's good. Really good. I promise you that.

Love to all.

-   -   -   -   -   -

*Ok, I lied, I listened to a bit of Bon Iver on the train. "Calgary"was actually a big last minute influence on "The Copplestone Experiment".

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