Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Popdar #22 - Violens.

Not really a "What I listened to today" today or even a "What I listened to at the weekend?" because most of my time has been taken up working on The Copplestone Experiment over the weekend. That and drinking too much. And sleeping.

But this evening I've had a bit of a catch up with what's out there. Finally remembered to download that SoundGirl song "Don't Know Why" (in case you haven't heard of them, they're like a chilled out Mini Viva, and if you haven't heard of them, get off my blog) and a load of Ibiza dance from the latest Oakenfold and Rank 1 compilations. It's good to see that uplifting trance isn't dead, dubstep thinks it's killed it, but it's still pulsating away, just a bit more tech-y since the good old days of euphoric bliss. Above & Beyond, 4 Strings, Paul Van Dyk, JAM & SPOON! (Ok, we're going a bit further back here... I digress)  ANYWAY, the point is, I listened to a load of stuff and was happy to find this...


Violens have dropped a few online singles since their occasionally brilliant yet heavily flawed indie, stadium rock anthemic shoegaze thing that was their debut, but none really tickled my easily-bored fancy. So it's good to hear them finally drop something as brilliant as "Full Collision" or the wonderful "Another Strike Restrained". With "Totally True" they've continued their 2011 trend of leaving the fuzz boxes to collect dust and take a more organic "Queen is Dead" kind of misty clang, but for the first time, they've managed to drag some of that emotional intensity that made them stand out in the first place, and carried by a lovely guitar arpeggio and bouncy melody, Violens are so much more than a Smiths knock-off. If The Drums read a book and took some Valium, they might sound as euphoric as this.
I can even hear some Ariel Pink in there, brilliant.

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