Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WILTT - 21/09/11


Or rather, THIS LAST WEEK.

Because I've not posted in almost 7 days. I'm planning a move from blogspot to a different host, so watch this space. Any recommendations? Tweet me @JoeCopplestone and tell me whether I should move to tumblr (winning so far), wordpress (tried it, hating it) or some other blogging gaff that I've not heard of.

Anyway, music.

There's not a lot of new stuff worth mentioning really, I've sort of hit a brick wall with new music. However, after listening to Main Attraktionz' mixtape "808s and Dark Grapes" in full (check out their ambient candy-coated hip hop ballad "Perfect Skies" HERE), I am tempted to say it's one of the most creative releases of the year. Gorgeously sparse samples are cut and pasted as rappers Squadda B and Mondre M.A.N. mumble dreamy ghetto gibberish over the top. Check out mixtape highlight "Diamond of God", which has the same mix of hard hitting rap and sugary sweet 80s R&B samples as some of my favourite early/mid 90s hip hop. The samples are mutilated and buzz around like tiny flies, and somehow manage to create something bizarre but beautiful.

Also, Class Actress are definitely one to watch. The attitude of Sleigh Bells, the dustcloud synth onslaught of Washed Out, but with the irresistable hooks of Goldfrapp, Class Actress' debut "Rapprocher" (...I dunno) is a surprising winner, surpassing many of this years more commercial pop records. "Weekend" is an effortlessly understated drinking anthem, whilst "Keep You", my personal favourite, is borderline Witch House, with its sense of foreboding and eerie chorus vocal hook making you almost scared not to dance... I guess it's my track of the day.

Their debut "Rapprocher" is released on October 17th 2011.

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