Thursday, 15 September 2011

Popdar! - 15/09/11

Honey Mine (feat. Victoria Bergsman)


Summer's over, and it's hit all of us like a One Direction single (which also hit us right in our number one spot (probably), woe is me), so it's nice to have a reminder of the blissful months past lying in the sun. Featuring the keyboardist from my beloved Radio Dept., Daniel Tjader, the lazy dub rhythms of "Honey Mine" by Korallreven usher in the same ethereal dancing melodies and distant guitar licks of The Radio Dept. themselves, but with the soft murmers of Taken by Trees vocalist Victoria Bergsman to serenade us. Essentially a balearic outtake from "Clinging to a Scheme", that would've stood out as one of that record's best tracks had it been included.

"Shine on... shine on..." sings Bergsman in a rare moment of letting her voice soar, and if we close our eyes, the sun is still shining, and this is the soundtrack.

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