Wednesday, 2 October 2013

#POPDAR - Hey Ocean! - Make A New Dance Up

Hey Ocean! are a blast of Canadian-indiepop joy, whose album Is reaches us in the UK a few months too late to hit summer, but just in time to keep us cheery throughout Autumn.

With its contagious Two Door bounce, ska-friendly brass and chirpy Haim-esque vocal hooks, "Make A New Dance Up" is far and away the brightest beam-of-sunshine on a still-pretty-sunny album. Dual vocalists Ashleigh and David hiccup their way through a kooky samba chorus, and you can almost hear the dorky grins on their faces.

By next summer, hopefully we'll all have made up our very own dance to take to their shows. Or at the very least, have butchered an existing one.

Their new album Is, um, *is* out now on iTunes.

FOR FANS OF: Two Door Cinema Club, Haim, Best Coast

- Joe Copplestone, 2/10/13

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