Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Annoyance Of The Week - Jessie J: Sexy Lady

I guess I'm wrong and the masses are right - Jessie J has already made the transition from credible songwriter to big ol' superstar. And therefore, out of all the album tracks of Ms Cornish's sophomore effort Alive (or as I like to prefix it with, "barely"), it's clearly the insipid "It's My Party Pt. 2", track-listed as "Sexy Lady", that deserves to jump to #22 in the UK charts, over genuinely thrilling pop tunes "Thunder" and "Gold", and guilty pleasure 80s throwback "Daydreaming". 

Maybe it's just my intense dislike of the bloated, self-important "It's My Party" that drives this annoyance, but I still think Jessie J is so much better than just another "put your drinks in the air" pop diva, with so much more to say. She can write a killer hook without setting all her phasers to 'drunk-friendly' (i.e. three notes and lyrics drawn from the 'hands-in-the-air' hat), so why is it that the generic anthems "Wild", "Domino" and "It's My Party" are the ones that get the success?

Still... Alive could have been a lot more generic than it was - there's thankfully a little creative spark left in her yet.

- Joe Copplestone, 2/10/13

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