Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#POPDAR - Bossy Love, Mercedes, Lea Lea

Bossy Love - Wind Me Up
By chucking her sugary AlunaGeorge-esque vocal over a jittery beat and dubby brass hook, Bossy Love is onto a winner with "Wind Me Up". If the idea of AlunaGeorge collaborating with Major Lazer excites you (as it does me), then Bossy Love WILL be your thing no question.

For Fans Of: AlunaGeorge, Wild Belle, Dirty Projectors

Mercedes - Full Tilt

Mercedes is a young UK rapper with ambitions of a US sound. With the creativity of Azealia Banks and the bite of Angel Haze, the early 90s Beastie Boys rave-vibe of "Full Tilt" could well be Mercedes' very own "212".

For Fans Of: Azealia Banks, Angel Haze, Beastie Boys

Lea Lea - Wonderer

Lea Lea (Pronounced Li Li? Le-ah Le-ah?) brings some East London edge to some ultra-sleek back-to-basics South London dubstep. Her voice is light and husky, bringing to mind Lauryn Hill and perfect for this kind of R&B/dubstep crossover. Benga would kill to work with this girl, and indeed, boost up the bass a bit, and you could be fooled into thinking that "Wonderer" was that very collaboration.

Her self titled debut album is out now.

For Fans Of: Delilah, Katy B, Lauryn Hill

- Joe Copplestone, 16/10/13

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