Thursday, 20 January 2011

Popdar #14: Breakage.

"What could be better than fighting fire with you?" sings delicate voiced Jess Mills on this sinister club anthem, taken straight from the 2000s-Tiesto school of writing modern trance, and she's right. Whilst Tiesto himself finds himself trying to compete with David Guetta and sadly losing the joyful spark in his dance music (the awful Kaleidoscope showed a man desperate to be anything but himself), James Breakage isn't out to create a new sound, he's trying to revive an old one.

One could argue that "Fighting Fire" owes something to the dubstep bounce that has been popular of recent months, but listen to the stainless steel bass and precise synth raindrops. This is not a dirty track by any means, it's sharp and clean, like being blinded by a strobe light glinting off a blade. More of this please in 2011, I miss trance.

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