Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Popdar #11: Some stuff to get excited about for 2011

As if I wasn't excited enough for Katy B's album, this revelation opens her forthcoming record up to a whole new ballpark of early 90s house interpretation. Simply, fuck yes.

And Cut Copy's Zonoscope may have a lot to live up to after the giddying heights of "In Ghost Colours", but one listen to recent single "Take Me Over" and one has only to realise that they've taken a different tack for 2011... rather than "LET'S RAVE TIL WE BLEED" it's more "Let's chill the fuck out". And hell it works, but they can't deny themselves a few gorgeous hooks along the way.

And who says cheesy house DJs can't release balearia in winter? I ask you! Eric Prydz I salute you, and hope this is as big a club hit as that "Call on Me" one, weren't nowt wrong wi' that! This remix makes it all a bit 2007, which is fine by me if it's Funky House we're talking about.

Oh I'm excited now :D A new year, NEW rules.

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