Saturday, 21 August 2010

Popdar #4 - "My Forever"... Hearthrob pop is back.

What did I tell you? I bloody well said that Owl City would have an effect on pop in 2010, and fuck me sideways, My Forever are from the same planet; it took them 8 months to come to my attention but they've landed. These guys write songs like Kids in Glass Houses, as emo as they come, but there is an innocence rather than an angst that flows through their glistening powerpop, which makes it all the more escapist, all the more gorgeous, and most importantly, it doesn't make you want to blow your brains out.

This kind of thing makes geeky teenage boys feel obsolete, and downright pissed off at how good looking young musicians with sugary voices can moan about heartbreak, but YES YES YES, My Forever may be irritatingly attractive, but they're singing about butterflies and pockets full of feathers! Or at least their airy fairy titles make it seem that way.

Now enjoy this. One of the cheesiest tracks of the year, a daydream pop acoustic version (how predictable, but lovely) of the lead track from their EP, "Silhouettes and Paper Birds", which is available to download now on iTunes.

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