Thursday, 19 August 2010

Popdar #3 - Nicki Minaj... Whoa.

Now I can't say I knew much about Ms (Mrs?) Minaj prior to coming across this; I think I assumed her as the sort of female vocalist who would simper anonomously around the heave-ho boast-shouting of whichever US rapper superstar needed a pick-me-up at that particular moment.

How fucking wrong I was.

"Your Love" is based around a sample of Annie Lennox's ode to madness in the abscene of love (which in itself was a cover anyway) and turns the celebratory and slightly weird sadness of the original into a finger-lickingly lush R&B landscape, that oozes glamour, composure and yet expresses total devotion and adoration, to the point where even slightly disturbing phrasing such as "I love him like I raised im, when he call me mama, lil mama, I call him baby" seems totally normal. And that oriental gibberish in the chorus is simply irresistable. The-Dream better watch out, he's not the only R&B force on the block wearing his heart and bling on the sleeve...

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