Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Luke Fincher - No Response

Brighton teen Luke Fincher is a star. He may not know it yet, but there are certain levels of talent that are so fully formed from a young age that it would be almost impossible for them not to be discovered.

Fincher is technically an R&B singer, and it's quite a feat standing out from the hoards of soulful male singers from the US and UK - but Fincher has something special. 

The scene is saturated with over-emoting mid 20s/30s faux-soul crooners, who use melisma like they use oxygen and take any opportunity to dive in and out of falsetto like they're bobbing for applesBut here we have 17 year old, unknown Luke, who blows them all out of the water in one incredible performance on his self-penned song "No Response".

The track begins like a particularly depressing Weeknd number, with standard reverb-drenched synth chords bouncing gentley off each other. But any initial assumptions are soon banished when Fincher starts to sing. Because Fincher sings low, like really low, and then he sings high, like really high - and never once is it unnecessary. He hits notes with an effortless confidence, strength, and beauty, and every tasteful melismatic flick and achingly tender note shimmers and captivates. There are at least twice as many years maturity in his voice as Luke himself has been alive.

As a songwriter, Luke clearly understands his own voice perfectly. When he needs to draw you in, he reels off lyrics in a rapid stream of consciousness, and when we need to be wowed, he absolutely kills the falsetto climax in the heart-stopping chorus.

The thoroughly deserving Fincher has a chance to win a slot on Brighton music festival Shakedown's Main Stage on September 28th, and all you have to do to ensure he reaches the final is to click "like" on the SoundCloud link below before Friday 30th August. Check out his YouTube for further proof of his talent.

FOR FANS OF: Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Jamie Woon

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