Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lisa Lewis - How We Do Things

There was absolutely no denying the husky, seductive voice of London soul singer Lisa Lewis from her jazzy first demos. However, the trippy, vibey Soul/R&B of new song "How We Do Things" is undeniably her calling, and has "breakout track" written all over it. 

Much like the subtler moments on Jessie Ware's debut record, "How We Do Things" is unafraid to drift off on its sexy, underwater groove because Lewis's powerful, bluesy voice commands the attention. She has the knack of making even the slightest change in projection sound magnificent. Effortless is a term frequently used with singers, but rarely accurate. In the case of Lisa Lewis, it's entirely appropriate.

FOR FANS OF: Jessie Ware, BANKS, Delilah

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