Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Plastic Sun - Caught in a Wave

With each new track they unveil, it's becoming harder and harder to pin My Plastic Sun down. If you thought they were the wistful, melancholic post-Radiohead ponderers as heard on "Give It All Away" and "Falling Awake", you're right. If you thought they were the post-punk, psychadelic rockers of "Silicone Junkie", you're right. If, for whatever reason, you ever had an inkling they'd unveil a sunny Coldplay-sized summer anthem, awash with joyous synths and huge hooks, you can now tell all your friends "I told you so".

Sounding more straight-up audience friendly than ever before, but still with the progressive streak (check the Genesis-happy synth lead in the middle 8) that clinches it as still 'their sound', "Caught in a Wave" is yet another reason to check out My Plastic Sun, and yet another facet to add to their ever growing sound-repertoire.

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