Saturday, 2 June 2012

Catcall - "The World Is Ours" & "That Girl"

As Ladyhawke's new album is promising to be a sad disappointment, lacking in the big tunes and colourful 80s new wave of her debut, it is the perfect time to introduce yourself to CATCALL. The Australian singer, real name Catherine Kelleher, was previously in a band called Kiosk, who supported The Gossip at one point, and is now out on her own as a big, bolshy pop/rock tour de force. Single "The World is Ours" is her "My Delirium" and then some, with a summery, gorgeous chorus, driving guitars and gutsy cheerleader chant vocals. Album track "That Girl" is also a perfect pop gem, with an uptempo 80s new wave drive that Bananarama would've killed for in their heyday.

Her album "The Warmest Place" is out now.

FOR FANS OF: Ladyhawke, Dragonette, Girls Aloud

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