Saturday, 19 July 2014

NEW MUSIC: Marnie - Reckless

Most female solo singers, particularly the British kind, are seemingly afraid of coming across anything less than sultry, mysterious and painfully alternative. And quite honestly they tend to blend together into one self-conscious mess. But then, occasionally, there are singers like London's Marnie who simply command attention and have no desire to fit in with the snooty nosed female crooners of 2014.

Marnie's debut single "Reckless" is an exhilarating drum and bass/pop crossover; her sound is both polished to perfection and simultaneously deliciously rough around the edges. Her young soulful voice both shimmers with emotion and stings like a bee, and the gritty bass drones and breakneck beats add depth what is essentially a perfect rebel-pop song at heart. "I want to run away" she triumphantly and effortlessly declares in the song's chorus, as the song's crushing beats and bass fight mercilessly to keep up.

"Reckless" is available for free download from her SoundCloud page.

FOR FANS OF: Katy B, Ayah Marar

- Joe Copplestone, 19.07.14

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