Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NEW MUSIC: Camden Cox - Kinda Like

Since their emergence, AlunaGeorge's silky future garage take on 90s girl group R&B has til now (wisely) not been attempted by any other commercial act. So when the sugary, seductive Aluna-esque vocal of London's Camden Cox purrs out a "You Know You Like It" esque debut single, alarm bells should by all rights be ringing. 

However, Cox pulls it off with a production that is less sheened to perfection than AG, and in a much darker and atmospheric soundspace; a space that features less "na na na"s and more breathless echos and whispered come-ons. For many, myself included, this is the perfect development of AlunaGeorge's sound, and probably a superior take on the genre. 

Cox's Kinda Like EP is out now on iTunes. Dancey b-side "Disguise" is also worth a listen, with it's chopped up vocals and lurching beat impossible not to move to.


- Joe Copplestone, 7.5.14

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