Wednesday, 16 April 2014

NEW MUSIC: Betty Who - Slow Dancing EP

No sophomore slump here. Betty Who, the 21 year old Aussie synthpop sensation who's currently winning the hearts of all kinds of music fan worldwide, delivers the perfect kind of second EP - everything we loved about the first EP whilst showcasing more sides of Betty herself as well as countless pleasant surprises.

Slow Dancing, if this is at all possible, is more gleefully 80s than The Movement, stepping confidently out of the sharp Robyn mould, and injecting more life and even sex into proceedings. Check out the absurb but brilliant guitar solo in the funky Paula Abdul-meets-Katy-Perry/Soon-to-be-fan-favourite "Alone Again" and the sweet, burbling 80s Soul/R&B of irresistibly beautiful "Lovin' Start", surely perfect for the last dance at every 1980s prom ever.

Despite the slow-mo groove of "Lovin' Start", the EP's Slow Dancing title doesn't quite deliver what it suggests musically (thank god). However, lyrically and emotionally we hear Betty in a more confessional mood. Whilst previous songs like "High Society" and "Somebody Loves You" celebrated life and love, "Heartbreak Dream" laments a broken relationship, despite it's explosive pop exterior, and closer "Silas" is breathtaking and hypnotic; it's muffled guitar arpeggios and fragile, almost choral vocal could almost be mistaken for Daughter.

Yet to produce even one song that is anything less than show stopping, and now nine songs down the road, Betty Who could be well on her way to change the pop music world with one fell, debut album shaped, swoop. If she hasn't already.

FOR FANS OF: Robyn, Katy Perry, CHVRCHES

- Joe Copplestone, 16.04.14

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