Wednesday, 4 December 2013

#Popdar - Dornik, Syron

After Dornik floored us with his slow burning but instantly memorable debut track "Something About You" 5 months ago, the emotive R&B singer, surprisingly from London (his lush Michael Jackson pastiche has LA written all over it), returns with a track at the other end of the emotional spectrum. Whilst "Something About You" wallowed in its own loved-up bliss and infectious joy, "Rebound" is comparatively intense and even neurotic. Dornik's vocal is jittery and breathy, as drums pound and a low bass and simmering pads fill the atmosphere with doubt and dread. But make no bones about it - it's just as gorgeous and instantly loveable as "Something About You". 

If Dornik keeps up this quality, he could well see a rise to fame not dissimilar to that of once fellow bedroom producer The Weeknd. The Weeknd's doing stadium headline shows now, and there's no question that Dornik's music belongs there too.

"Rebound" is forthcoming on PMR Records.

FOR FANS OF: Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson

Yet to make a truly flooring impact with any of her output, Syron has until now opted to ride with vibes at the expense of really making an impression as a solo artist. I say "until now" because new single "Colour Me In" is the first track where the young London singer really sounds like she's putting in the overtime. Having already proved her credentials as a potential dance diva on Tensnake's guilty pleasure 90s-throwback "Mainline" last year, "Colour Me In" lies somewhere between that track and Chris Malinchak's "So Good To Me". It sounds a lot like Katy B, but there's a vulnerability and breathlessness to Syron's vocal on "Colour Me In" that Katy B has never quite managed to exude (quite frankly because we all know you don't fuck with Katy B).

No release date as of yet, but you can follow Syron on SoundCloud below.

FOR FANS OF: Katy B, Bondax, Jessie Ware

- Joe Copplestone, 4/12/13

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