Tuesday, 3 September 2013

POPDAR - Rizzle Kicks, The 1975 & MØ

Tracks of the week this week come from Brighton party-rap duo Rizzle Kicks, Danish anti-princess of dark-pop MØ and Cheshire's main purveyors of angst rock and sticky electropop, The 1975.

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"Skip to the Good Bit"
Taken from Roaring 20s

After a fairly tame lead single from "Roaring 20s", the follow up is a lot more fun. With horns echoing "Down With The Trumpets", trippy hip hop beats and an irresistably groovy piano bassline, it surprises me the duo didn't just "skip to the good bit" and release this first.

No clip of the track online just yet, so check out this live footage from their gig at Alton Towers.

"888 XX"
Taken from forthcoming EP

After the gritty dirt-pop of last single "Waste of Time", Danish alt-pop singer MØ brings weird-hop refixer Diplo on board to give her distinct sound an urban edge. His clean trappy beats and Miami Bass production flourishes (such as a distinctly HudMo brass section) allow MØ to let out her inner swagger.

THE 1975
Taken from The 1975

If you thought weed-anthem "Chocolate" was the happy-clappy pop single of the album, the liquorice sweet "Girls" could still trump it. Like the long lost missing track from The Breakfast Club soundtrack, the track's 80s pop/rock vibe is infectious, with guitars chirping like birds over the synth pitter patter in the background. Probably the most straight up guilty pleasure pop song of the album, it gives us just about everything a 1975 fan could want up-front.

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