Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Plastic Sun - We Run From No One

New York's My Plastic Sun have many strings to their Progressive Rock bow, and they pluck each one with just as much finesse as the last. "Give It All Away" was a hauntingly beautiful debut, "Silicon Junkie" showcased their psychedelic side, "Caught In A Wave" hinted at new wave, and now "We Run From No One" takes that anthemic edge, and pulls out all the stops. Now a four-piece, the band's sound is more textured and epic than ever. Lead guitars soar, huge rock band harmonies abound, and the chorus is a behemoth. Covering more musical ground in their 2 years than some establish bands manage in 10, My Plastic Sun are so ahead of the game they don't even need to play it.

FOR FANS OF: The Temper Trap, Blackfield, Kings of Leon

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