Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sub Focus - 'Tidal Wave' (feat. Alpines)

Just when it seemed no 2012 EDM track would top the glorious "Out The Blue", along comes a track that stumps even that track with its sheer euphoric beauty and emotional high. "Tidal Wave" takes the angelic, La Roux-esque vocals of Alpines, and pairs it with an epic yet jagged edged march that bursts into break-beat just as you get comfy with it, synth fireworks abound. More of a vocal track than "Out The Blue", it's also a lot warmer and dare I say more beautiful. And for what was thus far a front runner for dance track of the year, this speaks volume upon volume on how incredible Sub Focus' sophomore effort could be.

Think "Out The Blue" merged with Labrinth's "Earthquake" and the legendary Skream mix of La Roux's "In For The Kill". As Zane Lowe says: "Massive, Massive, MASSIVE!"

The most gleeful moment? 3.33.

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