Monday, 14 May 2012

Gossip - Get Lost

So Gossip's 3rd album "A Joyful Noise", a disappointment, is not so joyful. The surprisingly underwhelming production by Xenomania exposes the uninteresting melodies and uninspired songs, practically an unrecognizable band from that of "Standing in the Way of Control" and "Heavy Cross". Lead single "Perfect World" was sub-par if still enjoyable, but it still ended up promising more than the album delivers.


Bloody hell does track 6, "Get Lost", leap out of the speakers just when you're drifting off, giving up hope on the album. In its joyous (or 'joyful' should I say) chorus, ravey pianos leap out of nowhere and Beth Ditto gives her gutsiest performance on the record. If only Xenomania had thought to make THIS kind of thing the starting point, the joyless "Joyful Noise" might have actually been something quite wonderful.

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