Friday, 23 March 2012

Tulisa - Young (DEBUT SINGLE)

This video was released today. Now I'm not sure if I'm endorsing this song or not, but it's surely the cleverest chart-hungry song of the year to date. The verse/chorus melody rehashing, the euphoric dance template, shameless breakdown/build-ups and "jump! jump!" instrumental climax... this is "We Found Love 2012" no doubt. Released within days of Tulisa's high profile sex tape scandal and response video, the timing is calculated and impeccable, if painfully transparent.

But sure enough this will be just as big a hit as Rihanna's was. But what ensures this, and what also secured the success of "We Found Love", is a, however slight, a touch of cheekiness and personality that will endear it to those who turn their noses up at the track's anonymity. There's something about the track that makes it hard not to feel uplifted by it. Though i'm sure it will depress millions.

There's no doubt this song will be huge; hated and loved, respected and laughed at, but huge.

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