Saturday, 26 March 2011

Popdar #19: Friendly Fires.

It's always so refreshing when a great band GENUINELY doesn't disappoint, rather than releasing something half-assed knowing their fans will work as hard as it takes to say "I LOVE their new stuff". The first proper follow up track released since their soaring party crasher of a debut, "Live Those Days Tonight" has much of the subtly hedonistic indie dance of "Jump in the Pool" and "Skeleton Boy", awash with Prince-esque rhythms and unexpected melodies. And praise the lord, it's JUST AS GOOD.

In fact, when listening to "Live Those Days Tonight", with its distinct mix of 90s chicago house and primative early synthpop, and collosal choruses that Duran Duran would have killed for at their prime (and still would, avoid their dire latest effort), you can hear already spark ready to set Summer 2011 alight. With a track that hits peaks as intense, celebratory, and gloriously alive as these in just these 5 minutes, the mind boggles at the peaks these firestarters could potentially reach on album number 2.

"Pala" is released via XL Recordings on May 16th.

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