Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Popdar #10: Robyn strikes three times in the same spot.

Isn't she great? Watch this.

Robyn is one girl who definitely doesn't need to get herself together, but the saga of sparkling synthpop anthems that is the "Body Talk" trilogy is awe-inspiring enough to encourage even the downest of the down to get themselves together, and surely that's the point. Body Talk. Talking with your limbs; dancing essentially. Despite comparisons, Robyn isn't like Madonna. She doesn't try to change the world through political stands and self assured controversial statements that she is ill informed to make; she does what she knows.

Let's go back to June. New Robyn album: track 1. We are greeted by the opening pulse of "Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do" and its defeated refrain of "My drinking is killing me" from the dark, difficult but addictive "Body Talk Pt. 1". Although we didn't know it then, Robyn had already started to heal us. She empathised with us here, and on the tragic masterpiece that is "Dancing on My Own", and she comforted us with a simple four to the floor.

Next stop, "Pt. 2". With the melodramatic "In My Eyes" and stuttering "Include Me Out", Robyn took us out of the four to the floor comfort zone and preached individuality amoungst urgent stop start beats. She told us quite simply "it's gonna be OK". Then she provided further proof with the magical "Hang With Me", the warmest, most comforting track to hit the dancefloor this year.

And now she says she's "Indestructible", but to be honest, that's been proved already. If "Body Talk Pt. 3" is just as good as the genius of Parts 1 and 2, then she'll have proved herself not only as indestructible, but also irreplaceable.

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