Sunday, 31 October 2010

Popdar #8: LIGHTS never stop shining.

Canadian lovely LIGHTS, real name Valerie Anne Poxleitner (sometimes a stage name is undeniably necessary), has only made a whisper over on these shores, supporting arguably inferior worldwide success Owl City (even I'm beginning to lose interest these days, I admit), but once you are ensnared by one of her irresistible butterfly-wing ditties, it's for the long term.

Debut record "The Listening" was a delight of happy-go-lucky geek-synth-love-pop that shone as brightly as LIGHTS' alias suggests. She sang about World of Warcraft and teenage crushes and celebrated all that was young and uncool. New single "My Boots" knocks up the dance quotient a coupla notches, with nonsensical lyrics that could either be about a lesbian crush, an ode to footwear or maybe another computer game song. Brilliant. Another album please?

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