Monday, 6 September 2010

Popdar #5: Ms Dynamite returns to full blown garage-terrorist persona.

After featuring on DJ Zinc's deliciously old school garage of "Wile Out" earlier this year (and indeed making it her own), it seems Ms Dynamite is aiming at a fully fledged return to form.

The garish paintball splat of a video sleazily compliments the frizzy schizo-dub/garage hybrid. Redlight's track is relatively subtle with its burbling synths and ponderous rhythms, but Dynamite ensures that the track still blows up in your face. She lets loose with a near inaudible ghetto flow, although one phrase clearly heard is "I'M BACK WITH A VENGANCE". And who's gonna argue with that? Here's to hearing more and more of Ms Dynamite from now on.

Released on August 30th on MTA Records.

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