Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Popdar #1 - Robyn, Cut Copy and Best Coast.

Is there any emotion that Robyn cannot drag onto the dancefloor?! If Dancing on my Own was a mental breakdown in heels and a sequin-encrusted leotard, tears of glitter rolling down sweaty cheeks, then this strobe-doused version of Hang With Me gives us all the hope that we can dance again. It's a hesitant commitment, one that warns "don't fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me" but assures "if you keep it tight, I'm gonna confide in you."

It's only guilty feet that've got no rhythm after all, and Robyn's got nothing to feel guilty about with this blissfully feel good anthem. Should've known this minx wouldn't be dancing alone for long.

Whilst Robyn's healing herself under a discoball as the midnight hour strikes, when morning comes and the sweltering sun sweeps over our stoney beaches, certain other bands prefer to waste their long, langerous summer afternoons on the 2010 brand of reverb heavy, dancey indie.

Cut Copy take the studio trickery down a notch and drag Pet Sounds into the second decade of the 21st century with latest track Where I'm Going, complete with fairground organs, a handclap-laden bounce and frat boy yells of "Yeah!" and "Woo!" Given the sharp production and spiralling synths of In Ghost Colours, this was certainly a youth-riddled surprise to my ears, but if this is where Cut Copy are going, I'm following, sun cream or no sun cream.

And sometimes in summertime, it's just too hot for clever winter metaphores ala Beach House, and you've just got to say it like it is. On Best Coast's Boyfriend, lead singer Bethany Consentino drawls "I wish you were my boyfriend..." over a luscious 80s janglepop backdrop. But unlike many angst-ridden, desperately urgent, surf-hungry indiepop bands of this year (The Drums, Surfer Blood... I'm looking at you guys), Best Coast are just content to paddle and enjoy the ride. Consentino would quite like you to be her boyfriend, but to be honest, she's just as happy soaking up the sun.

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